Easter Adventures Begin!

ggpresent rafekisses new outfit
Well, Luke got an Easter package from Grandpa and Grandma Payne this week. He was so excited!! He loves his new giraffe backpack, had to give the “rafe” lots of kisses and wore it on his back all morning, until nap time! He even recognized the giraffes on his new outfit. THANKS GRANDPA & GRANDMA!!

egg hunt golden egg prize btrfly hunt
Luke went to his first Easter egg hunt on Saturday. He got THREE eggs! (It was the first time this place had done a hunt, so it wasn’t very organized… they let 6 and under go first (like Luke can compete with 6 year olds!), and then the older kids, some of which didn’t get anything…but Luke didn’t care, you can see he was looking for the “treat” inside the egg, and he was content with his piece of chocolate!) The exciting thing was the GOLDEN EGG Luke found (with a little motherly help)! He got a prize for finding it, which turned out to be a butterfly net and bug house. He thought it was pretty cool for at least 5 minutes. Then we rode the train around the historical home… but it was really bumpy so Luke didn’t really think it was cool, the girls in the cart with us loved it though! Now when he plays with our plastic eggs at home that I put out for decoration, he is sad that he can’t ever find one with a treat in it! Oh well, this Saturday and Sunday will provide lots of Easter treats for him!


2 thoughts on “Easter Adventures Begin!

  1. NO WAY! Are you guys really expecting cutie pie #2? Oh my gosh, I’m SOOO excited for you guys!!! Or is that poll on the side just a tease?

  2. So fun! How did Luke like the candy. I admit we didn’t let Ari have any yet…holding off as long as possible! I loved Luke’s little crocs in the pic:)

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