The Family Eggstravaganza …

We had a busy fun weekend with the family and we thought we’d share some of the good times. We did a pretty good job of quality family time. We spent the week talking about Jesus and the resurrection, not sure what Luke really gathered, but he does recognize Jesus and he likes to say prayers all the time now!
gdo1 gdo2 gdo3 gdo4
Friday kicked it off with Girl’s Day Out for lunch, shopping, laughs, and good old girl talk.
Then we met up with the boys, Lara and her parents at the Family Golf Center for some go-carts, mini-golf and batting cages. …no pictures from me 😦 and DON’T get the YELLOW one, no matter WHO tell you its the fastest! Then we headed back to the new house πŸ™‚ for pork tacos, decorating cookies, card games, and lots of laughs!
easter hunt
Saturday morning was busy with yummy breakfast – SCONES πŸ™‚ , a cousin egg hunt, and visiting the local Easter carnival, all before the sun decided to come out! Luke knew there were “toots” in the eggs and he just wanted to get to them… after he filled his mouth with jelly beans, he decided to load his arms up with more eggs, as pictured. That night we devoured delicious steak and fries at Aaron and Dawn’s and watched Seven Pounds… a movie that left me sad and happy at the same time, Darin didn’t like how it made him feel… he couldn’t quite describe it!
easter morning
Luke was excited to see his bucket full of stuff Easter morning. He really only wanted the sucker, but he now has a new favorite book… Mickey’s Book of Trucks (we read it a dozen times a day!). I didn’t get him a new outfit, but I dressed in him his plaid shorts and green tie for church and he was adorable, ask my mom to see the picture on her cell. He joined my sunbeam class to talk about the first Easter and the importance of the resurrection of Christ.
eggs1 eggs2
We finished the evening with dinner at the folks and a little egg dying fun. Luke was definitely wiped out from two late nights in a row. He slept a solid 12 hours Sunday night and then took a 3 hour morning nap on Monday! I forgot to get a family picture of us this weekend, darn… I’ll work on that!
jewelry holder
Oh and I made this necklace holder for myself this week, and I’m kinda of proud of what I created using things from around the house! My necklaces were just a tangle in my jewelry box, but not anymore… someday my walk-in closet will include a whole wall for jewelry…hahaha!


4 thoughts on “The Family Eggstravaganza …

  1. Ok, LOOOVE the necklace holder. How’d you do it? I need to make one too! :o) I made a little one for my earrings that I love, but I want one for my necklaces too. Glad you guys had a fun Easter. You make me homesick seeing all the fun stuff you get to do with your family. :o)

  2. Nada, the necklace holder turned out great! So creative. You’ll have to share that blog with me where you got the sweet pork recipe. It was yummy- cilantro and all! Glad to see the pictures you got from Girls Day Out. I’ll add more pictures of Luke for your in-laws. I tried to do a slide, but wasn’t operating yesterday. Anyhow…thanks for all your hard work in seeing that we all had a great time!

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