1st Try!

So I’ve been wanting to try my hand at couponing and finding good deals, but I felt a little lost at where to begin. Thanks to my new friend Rachel, who is really Shauna’s friend, but now she is my friend… because she explained things to me and told me where to start. So I just took a trip to Publix and got $21 dollars worth of groceries for $5!!! One special included Go-gurt (Luke’s favorite) for $.80 a box!! So this is kinda fun. Hopefully I’ll get good at it!


2 thoughts on “1st Try!

  1. i love coupons! you should check out thegrocerygame.com…it saves me so much time. i only signed up for 2 stores so that is less than $2 a week to save 60%+ on my grocery bill. it’s awesome!

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