Adventure Weekend, take 3…maybe

Well really, it was an adventure week. A few years ago Pace planned this awesome adventure weekend which included spelunking, hot springs, home grown fabulous all you can eat meat and ranch activities. Then I guess he planned another awesome adventure to Havasupai, how can I ever forget that!?! Well, he did it again. He invited us on another adventure to the beach! Of course, being the wonderful photographer that I am, I have little evidence to show of all the fun we had! Since Darin was busy with school, he didn’t get to join Luke and I, but thankfully Marissa was a big help with the little rascal. He was definitely the whiny momma’s boy on the trip, which only meant I was completely exhausted after taking a vacation!
Thanks to Gigi (grandma gretchen) (and Cotton one night) so the adults could go out to eat, and have adult waterpark fun and walk on the beach! I’d say my favorite was riding the twirly slide over and over and over! Luke just loved running around. The hotel we stayed at had plenty of fun things to do so that you would never have to get sandy at all if you wanted, which would have been okay with me! But after the first day of waterpark fun, Luke got tired of it… thus he just wanted to run around chasing his beach ball!
His first impression of the beach didn’t go over well. After letting him play at the water’s edge for a minute, he sat down and was enjoying the water rolling up and down the beach. It was so cute I wanted to take a picture… just as I took two steps away from him, a big wave came rolling in and knocked him over… needless to say he wouldn’t let go of my arm anytime we went near the water again! bad mother! However, he loved the sand, especially throwing it… such a boy. Here’s a little video of playing at the beach, unfortunately it’s all I got!
thank you
Thanks again Pace and Joy for letting us join you on your anniversary trip! Happy first five, may there be many more great ones to come!
McDonald’s Slides
YAY, for slides at McDonald’s… do you know how disgusting those things are?! but Luke loved it!


3 thoughts on “Adventure Weekend, take 3…maybe

  1. Hey! I think we were at the beach at the same time!?! Where did you go? We went to Myrtle Beach with my fam for a week…so fun. Little boys do love to dig and throw sand don’t they?

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