Splurge Week!

Well, for those of you who know me best, I am a cheapskate. BUT this was the week of splurges! It started off with getting a pool. Something that Luke could play in and keep cool while running around outside. It also had to be something that baby sister would be able to get in next summer too! So we got the double pool with whale slide and water spouting dolphin… not too deep, great for wading, splashing, and climbing in and out… which is what Luke did!
pool 1 pool 2 pool 3
He loves showing off his pool to anyone who comes over! He also loves throwing balls in the water to make big splashes… the basketball is the best, but let’s not bring that up with Darin (I wasn’t thinking about how Darin’s good basketball isn’t supposed to get wet…oops!)
Then Christina came over on Wednesday and volunteered to babysit Luke if we went to Transformers 2. You probably know I never pay full price for a movie, but I knew Darin wanted to see it, and it would be fun to go out, so I said yes.
We thought it was pretty good. There was some unnecessary language and adult jokes that we would have loved to do without. It was action packed and pretty fun all around. It didn’t really feel like 3 hours. and of course we love robots.
Friday, we took Luke to the Farmer’s Market downtown. We bought fresh peaches and a watermelon. Luke had a blast picking out the fruit and playing in the water fountains!
luke n daddy luke n mommyfountains
And last but not least, we splurged a little on our grocery budget this week to get food for an awesome party. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, steak kabobs, our yummy farmer’s market watermelon, chips, delicious salads brought by friends, squash, grapes, chips, cookies and lots of lemonade. We had friends and family join us Saturday afternoon to eat, play and hang out… just a little fun before Darin heads out of town for his internship in Utah (he leaves Thursday). Of course, you know me I didn’t take any pictures of the party, just great memories!
Yay for splurges that don’t break the bank, but provide a lot of fun!


4 thoughts on “Splurge Week!

  1. Yes…you definitely have to splurge every once in a while:) A pool is a good investment I say. Is Darin going to be out here long? Will you be coming with Luke? I can also see your baby bump…you look great Nada!

  2. Sorry about the no comments on your last post Nada, it looked like a fun time! Love the swimming pool. Hopefully Luke won’t bite a hole in it like Mitch always did and it really WILL make it to next summer đŸ™‚ Can’t wait to have you ALL here! I’m so excited!!

  3. Hey, hey there! We totally splurged and got a sitter and went to Transformers too!! And yes, I am sure having a hard time paying full price for movies. Soooo expensive, eh? Anyhow, you look fabulous!! :o)

  4. cute pool, i hope it lasts till next year! Yeaa for splurges that don’t break the bank! I agree, gretchen

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