Miss You Daddy…

Luke has been wondering where Daddy is… so I’ve tried to keep him busy, but he still asks. He thinks we are going to call Daddy every time I get my phone out! We had a great weekend celebrating our nation’s freedom, and since Darin wasn’t with us, here’s the highlights hon!

zoo 1 zoo 2 zoo 3

Friday we went to the zoo with Marissa, Christina and Wes. Luke loved having so many people to carry him, lift him up and run around the playground with him! Thanks Christina for running him up and down the nets, he loved it. He was quite a trooper, especially since he should have taken a nap before we went, but I didn’t lay him down. (He slept for almost 3 hours when we got back though!)

zoo 4 zoo 5 zoo 6

Of course, Christina and Wes had to monkey around a bit. Marissa and Christina haven’t been to the zoo since they were little, so the playground had definitely shrunk …right Christina?! 🙂 Someone wrote that message on the rock, so I had to put Luke beside it and take a picture… it was NOT us though, that’s disgusting!

slide After that long nap, we headed to La Vergne just in time to miss all the mulching, sorry Dad! Grandma, Marissa, Luke and I went to the Smyrna park to get corndogs and check out all the fun activities before the fireworks. There were lots to do, but not much for little tikes… he did love the bounce slide though! and he got a free “risbee” …Luke can’t quite say the “f” sound yet. So he played with his “risbee” with Boppa and we popped pop-its until the “sireworks” started …which he most definitely loved! We actually couldn’t see much of the show from the house because of the trees, so we went in after about 20 minutes and watched a movie.

pool play pool play 2

Saturday we went to the Smyrna pool, where he dug in the sand volleyball court and found a ping pong ball, a dime and a penny! He enjoyed dumping water out of the kiddy pool. When he took him over to the big pool he happily sat on the top step for forever! Finally he got brave and started “jumping” off the step (with someone holding his hands) and kicking in the water. He was too cute. He wore his sunglasses the whole time!

Saturday night, the neighbors had fish fry/BBQ that we went to for a bit. Then we headed back to the house to watch more “sireworks”. (It’s all he could talk about and still talks about!) Several neighbors all around us shot off lots of great fireworks, so we had quite a good show. About 9:00 it started to rain, and then the power went out. So I figured Luke should go to bed, and Mom, Dad, Marissa and I had a wind your flashlight party on the patio while listening to Dad’s choice on Pandora. I gave up around 10:30 or so though and headed to bed!

cupcake face with Boppa

Sunday we went to church in Smyrna. Nathan, Karie, Aden and Alex came too. Luke was so irreverent because he was so excited to see his cousins. As you can see we played all afternoon at Boppa and Grandma’s, eating delicious pork roast, cupcakes and homemade ice cream …it wore Boppa and Luke out! Can you tell he is a grandpa’s boy?! We stayed Sunday night, and Luke was able to play with Uncle Dustin all morning today… he loves Dustin and his “cycle” (pronounced “kykle”). So he was tuckered out and slept for almost 3 hours when we got home. Of course when he woke up he asked, “go to Boppa’s house?” He definitely had a good time!


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