to Utah and back

So we’ve been gone for weeks…but now were back. 

I just wanted to share some of our adventures,

and of course lots of pictures!

We got to visit Tiffany, Kyle, Joy, Chase, Charlotte, Pace, Rob, Sue, Will, Delise, Jeff, Alley, Mitchell, Maggie, Landon, Grandpa and Grandma Payne, Bernice, Jaxon, Jen, Peter, Ari, several of my former students, and lots of new friends…

You’ve probably already seen this cousin shot on McBlog, but I had to share the cuteness


He got to drive the “tractor” with Will and though it was so cool!


We went to the Treehouse Museum in Odgen…

totally awesome, tons for even this little guy to do,

here he is dressed up as a cowboy riding into the sunset!


And he had to drive the fire truck… in case you didn’t know, Luke loves to drive anything and everything!


We played at the park, went swimming, played with chalk, balls, bats, rode scooters, and lots more with the fabulous Peo family.


Luke couldn’t get enough of cousin Maggie or their dog Lucy.

Check out these videos for a peek of some of the fun.

We also went to Cabela’s,


Kangaroo Zoo,




(Chase and Luke hiding in the baskets)


Kennecott Copper Mine,

(check out the size of that tire, BIG trucks for sure)



Boondocks, (no pics!)

Evanston, Wyoming,

cuz Devin finally got hitched!


Hogle Zoo,



the SCERA Park Pool,

the yummy BYU Creamery on Ninth,

a Real Salt Lake game (and they won!),

and everywhere in between!!

Darin and I did see the new Harry Potter movie and dined at our favorite Cafe Rio!  Jeff and Delise took us to a fabulous restaurant Tuscany… delicious!  Then picked up treats for everyone on the way back at one of Delise’s favorite spots…


Luke loved his chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles!

I even went with Delise and got a pedicure and manicure… we were spoiled!  Luke just loved having so many people to play with and enjoyed bossing Lucy around, although she weighs a heck of a lot more than him! I certainly enjoyed all the extra hands… I got to make a couple of cute baby blankets and burp cloths and read the first 3 books of the Fablehaven series!

Thanks to all for such great memories! We miss you already and Luke keeps asking to “go see Lise,” or “play kids” …you will not be forgotten, we’ve already watched all the movies we took of the trip so he could “see” you again!


2 thoughts on “to Utah and back

  1. Looks like a fun trip. So funny that you went to Kennecott (which is really close to my house) and Hogle Zoo (where I work part time). Luke is such a stud and you look so much better than a lot of women do when they’re pregnant. Lucky!

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