Feeding the Obsession!

For those of you who haven’t seen Luke lately, let me update you on his favorite “hobby”



He swings most things like a golf club

(rather than what they are supposed to be),

he loves rolling golf balls in his hands,

watching golf on TV,

and he loves, loves, LOVES “going golfing”

(that would be visiting the driving range, putting green & mini golf where Aunt Christina and Aunt Marissa work).

So tonight Darin and Luke went out for a boys’ trip to Nevada Bob’s to look at clubs. Luke was in heaven!

Darin wanted to get him his own club, but ended up finding a great deal on a set of three with a bag. SO ADORABLE!!!


He is pretty proud to have his own set.


A driver, 7 iron and putter.

CIMG5971    He tried them out in the backyard and didn’t want to stop even though he was being eaten alive by chiggers!

Needless to say, Darin is happy with his son’s love of golf.


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