if you were wondering…

Natalie is doing great! We survived the week of antibiotics at the hospital and now we are home and happy. She loves being held and looking around at everything. She is a great sleeper.  She has the saddest cry though, and she uses it to let me know when she is HUNGRY! Here’s a few glimpses of this growing princess…

CIMG6144CIMG6196 CIMG6240 CIMG6256



Natalie Alina Payne

Welcome to the world Natalie Alina Payne! Born September 14, 2009 at 3:59 AM. She weighs in at 6lbs 8oz, and is 20 in. long! Mother did awesome with labour-even with an incomplete block! More details to follow…
I am currently trying to post pictures, but the internet here at the hospital is not supporting it!

Last Night…

Luke: Check mail.

Daddy: We already checked the mail.

L: Check mail.

D: We already did.

L: Check mail!

D: Okay. Let’s go.

(about 8:00, already dark out. after checking the empty mailbox…)

D: What’s that?

L: Airplane.

D: What do the lights do?

L: Blink, Blink! (with hand motions)

D: Where’s the airplane going?

L: Utah.

D: oh. Who’s it going to see?

L: Lise.

D: Who else?

L: Jeff.

D: Who else?

L: Puppy.

D: Who else?

L: Playplace.

D: It’s going to the playplace?

L: Playplace. (pause) Down the slide.

More delightful conversation ensues about airplanes, the moon, and nighttime sounds, but I went in to wash the dishes… priceless!