Last Night…

Luke: Check mail.

Daddy: We already checked the mail.

L: Check mail.

D: We already did.

L: Check mail!

D: Okay. Let’s go.

(about 8:00, already dark out. after checking the empty mailbox…)

D: What’s that?

L: Airplane.

D: What do the lights do?

L: Blink, Blink! (with hand motions)

D: Where’s the airplane going?

L: Utah.

D: oh. Who’s it going to see?

L: Lise.

D: Who else?

L: Jeff.

D: Who else?

L: Puppy.

D: Who else?

L: Playplace.

D: It’s going to the playplace?

L: Playplace. (pause) Down the slide.

More delightful conversation ensues about airplanes, the moon, and nighttime sounds, but I went in to wash the dishes… priceless!


7 thoughts on “Last Night…

  1. THAT is adorable. I love it that he remembers everything about the Utah trip. Do you think that by “playplace” he meant Kangaroo Zoo? If so, I will translate that to mean that he misses me. 😉

  2. Yeah, we got your package today! You are awesome, just what we needed! Yesterday Luke was playing with an old cellphone and he was talking to “Lise” and “Mitchell” …adorable.

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