Natalie Alina Payne

Welcome to the world Natalie Alina Payne! Born September 14, 2009 at 3:59 AM. She weighs in at 6lbs 8oz, and is 20 in. long! Mother did awesome with labour-even with an incomplete block! More details to follow…
I am currently trying to post pictures, but the internet here at the hospital is not supporting it!


7 thoughts on “Natalie Alina Payne

  1. YAY NADA!!!!…and Darin! I just htought I’d check if she was here, AND SHE IS!!! I am so excited! She is darling, has tons of hair. I don’t remember what Luke luked like as a baby baby, but she is great! I love the name too. Congratulations!!!! So are you bringing her to Canada any time soon?

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