if you were wondering…

Natalie is doing great! We survived the week of antibiotics at the hospital and now we are home and happy. She loves being held and looking around at everything. She is a great sleeper.  She has the saddest cry though, and she uses it to let me know when she is HUNGRY! Here’s a few glimpses of this growing princess…

CIMG6144CIMG6196 CIMG6240 CIMG6256



5 thoughts on “if you were wondering…

  1. Awwww, cute little stork-bite on her brow! I love all that dark hair. Is that just a coincidence that I hear my name in hers? Nata(le-ah)lina. 🙂 She’s a cutie. Congrats again.

  2. she’s sooo cute. I’m glad you are all finally home and doing good. Thanks for the new phone #! I don’t have texting, ( i don’t want to learn that yet!) but have fun with it!

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