Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, Look Who’s Two!

Here’s the birthday conductor!


We had a little family party. He loves watching Team Geotrax right now (thanks Pace & Joy for letting us know about that free movie, I now get to watch it daily…repeatedly!) so we went with the train theme.

We ate trainwiches, “wheelie” good pasta salad, timbertown potato chips, good stuff from the fruit and veggie express, and yummy train cake!

We played train memory, Geotrax wordfind, and boxcar balloon pop – where Luke had to balance a spoon on his nose, Aaron gave high fives and Grandpa what the chicken dance was!

And of course, he got trains and a track for his birthday… along with way too many other gifts!

SPOILED! Thanks to everyone!

He of course would have been fine with one present, and he didn’t like that I made him open all of them before playing with them. I am still laughing at how disappointed he was about the potty seat… he thought it was a cool Lightning McQueen toy, but it was just a potty seat. 😦

Luckily his cousins did give him a cool Lightning McQueen toy and then he was happy! 

CIMG6720CIMG6725 CIMG6727CIMG6732CIMG6736CIMG6776CIMG6738CIMG6755

Doesn’t he look good in his new church clothes?! Thanks Christina & Wes!


This boy is growing up so fast! He knows his colors, can count to ten, knows lots of letters, and TONS of words. He speaks in sentences, and repeats more than you want! He answers questions with a yes or no now, instead of repeating what you said when he wants it. He whispers when he is asking for something he knows he is not supposed to get! He sticks his tongue out when he is concentrating, which is a lot. He loves jumping off things, climbing around, and does a little dance-y run when he is excited.

He gets a little embarrassed by attention, so although he loved having his family over to play and celebrate, he kept saying it was Daddy’s birthday, not Luke’s!! He didn’t give the presents to Daddy, however!







Natalie has survived the first two months of life with two crazy parents and an “explorative” brother….

doctors have great hope for her future!

She weighed in at 10 lbs. 10 oz. (47%),

and is 23 1/2 inches tall (90%).

I thought, “WOW! She’s grown 2 inches and put on over 4 pounds in 2 months! She’s growing so fast!” Then I looked back at Luke’s 2 months stats, and he had grown 4 1/2 inches and put on over 6 pounds!

So she’s not getting quite as huge as her brother…. yet!


We just adore her! She does smile, but mostly at Daddy.

She is cooing and “talking” now.

She is amazed and confused when looking in the mirror.

She does not like it when Luke pokes her or squishes her, but she doesn’t mind his kisses or licks as they sometimes turn out to be!

He thinks it’s funny to add “ga-ga” to words, so he calls her “Nat-lie-ga-ga” or “Natabear” or “Princess.”

He likes to help with diapers, giving her pacifier to her, showing her toys (not the toys Mommy picks out, only Luke selected ones). She loves watching him run around.

We are happy to have this girl in the family!


and yes, I need to take some better pictures of her! I’m not so good at capturing the sweetness like other people are!


thanks to you…

Being the month of Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to take some time out to think about what I am thankful for and make note of it.  While the list is quite long, I thought I’d share a few with you!


  • family …a typical answer, I know. but really. I have great family. the kind that will help you even when they rather be doing something else. the kind that makes me laugh, cry, and remember what matters most. the kind that will listen. the kind that will give advice. the kind that know I won’t always follow the advice. the kind that worry about me, check up on me, pray for me. the kind that make me feel important.  and I know not everyone has that. 
  • life long friends …I’ve made some really great friends in my life. Some of which I rarely get to talk to, but when we do, it’s like time never skipped a beat.
  • recipes …I’ve got recipes out the whazoo! I’m glad though, because I’m able to make some really yummy dishes for my family.  I’m able to find something new when it seems like we’ve been eating the same old thing.  I’m able to create a little tradition when it comes to special occasions.
  • warmth …whether it be from warm sunshine, to blankets, hot chocolate and heaters, I like it.


oh, the kids are awake! more to come…

to be like everyone else…

…I would need a cute picture of my kids all dressed up for Halloween.

 oh, to be like everyone else!

  Did Luke not get the memo?

       He doesn’t quite get the costume thing, and isn’t into dressing up yet.  Thus, the adorable gorilla costume I bought him didn’t stay on long enough to get a cute picture with his sister in her monkey hat. 

                                        Alas, maybe next year!

However, I do have few pictures of some Halloween and fall fun…


playing in the leaves… 


he kept saying, “get me again Daddy!”


making Halloween cupcakes for friends, and enjoying one too…


painting Halloween creations… 


carving the jack o’lantern…


showing off the bag of treats…


and Natalie sleeping through most of the fun!