to be like everyone else…

…I would need a cute picture of my kids all dressed up for Halloween.

 oh, to be like everyone else!

  Did Luke not get the memo?

       He doesn’t quite get the costume thing, and isn’t into dressing up yet.  Thus, the adorable gorilla costume I bought him didn’t stay on long enough to get a cute picture with his sister in her monkey hat. 

                                        Alas, maybe next year!

However, I do have few pictures of some Halloween and fall fun…


playing in the leaves… 


he kept saying, “get me again Daddy!”


making Halloween cupcakes for friends, and enjoying one too…


painting Halloween creations… 


carving the jack o’lantern…


showing off the bag of treats…


and Natalie sleeping through most of the fun!



4 thoughts on “to be like everyone else…

  1. Dallin was the same way! I first wanted him to be a robot and cut out the box for him but he wouldn’t wear it so I had to go with him being a tree because it was really just a sweatshirt…and he didn’t even want to wear that until he saw all the other kids wearing funny clothes too. These boys. I tell ya. Natalie is just beautiful and Luke is getting so big! Can you believe he’s almost 2! Crazy.

  2. We are missing you guys! Natalie is getting so BIG! I love the pumpkin patch pics of luke. Wow, what a difference a year makes!

  3. I’m glad you’re not like everyone else, because I must admit I was sick of seeing all the posts about kids in their cute costumes… bah humbug! 😉

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