thanks to you…

Being the month of Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to take some time out to think about what I am thankful for and make note of it.  While the list is quite long, I thought I’d share a few with you!


  • family …a typical answer, I know. but really. I have great family. the kind that will help you even when they rather be doing something else. the kind that makes me laugh, cry, and remember what matters most. the kind that will listen. the kind that will give advice. the kind that know I won’t always follow the advice. the kind that worry about me, check up on me, pray for me. the kind that make me feel important.  and I know not everyone has that. 
  • life long friends …I’ve made some really great friends in my life. Some of which I rarely get to talk to, but when we do, it’s like time never skipped a beat.
  • recipes …I’ve got recipes out the whazoo! I’m glad though, because I’m able to make some really yummy dishes for my family.  I’m able to find something new when it seems like we’ve been eating the same old thing.  I’m able to create a little tradition when it comes to special occasions.
  • warmth …whether it be from warm sunshine, to blankets, hot chocolate and heaters, I like it.


oh, the kids are awake! more to come…


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