Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, Look Who’s Two!

Here’s the birthday conductor!


We had a little family party. He loves watching Team Geotrax right now (thanks Pace & Joy for letting us know about that free movie, I now get to watch it daily…repeatedly!) so we went with the train theme.

We ate trainwiches, “wheelie” good pasta salad, timbertown potato chips, good stuff from the fruit and veggie express, and yummy train cake!

We played train memory, Geotrax wordfind, and boxcar balloon pop – where Luke had to balance a spoon on his nose, Aaron gave high fives and Grandpa what the chicken dance was!

And of course, he got trains and a track for his birthday… along with way too many other gifts!

SPOILED! Thanks to everyone!

He of course would have been fine with one present, and he didn’t like that I made him open all of them before playing with them. I am still laughing at how disappointed he was about the potty seat… he thought it was a cool Lightning McQueen toy, but it was just a potty seat. 😦

Luckily his cousins did give him a cool Lightning McQueen toy and then he was happy! 

CIMG6720CIMG6725 CIMG6727CIMG6732CIMG6736CIMG6776CIMG6738CIMG6755

Doesn’t he look good in his new church clothes?! Thanks Christina & Wes!


This boy is growing up so fast! He knows his colors, can count to ten, knows lots of letters, and TONS of words. He speaks in sentences, and repeats more than you want! He answers questions with a yes or no now, instead of repeating what you said when he wants it. He whispers when he is asking for something he knows he is not supposed to get! He sticks his tongue out when he is concentrating, which is a lot. He loves jumping off things, climbing around, and does a little dance-y run when he is excited.

He gets a little embarrassed by attention, so although he loved having his family over to play and celebrate, he kept saying it was Daddy’s birthday, not Luke’s!! He didn’t give the presents to Daddy, however!





3 thoughts on “Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, Look Who’s Two!

  1. You are such a fun party planner! You were good at that back when we were freshmen in college. Luke is lucky. Fun ideas, Nada. He’s a cute little guy.

  2. Can you come plan Kylee’s b-day party when she turns one in June!!!! Oh my gosh I can’t believe I just said that…she is growing up soo fast! And so is Luke! What a smart, cute little boy! I loved the train theme! Miss you!

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