toddler antics

This girl is seriously stepped up her A-game. She will not sit idly by watching her brother, she wants in. Most days are spent trying to give them both enough attention. They never seem to get enough! She is really fascinated by babies, and loves to hold her cousin Ivy. Every time we see her, she is reaching for her and wants Ivy in her lap. after a minute or two, she is done and promptly pushes her away (only to return again moments later).
Nat is getting better at communicating although we don’t seem to understand her arches her back and throws herself to the floor in protest. She nods her head “yes” and seems to move her whole upper body in doing so. She shakes her head no while scrunching up her face. She says, mama, dada, nama (grandma), papa (grandpa), nana (banana), bobbob (spongebob), nana (natalie), duda (luke), dis (this), dat (that)… not very many words yet, but still communicates with signs too.

I found her in the bathroom earlier ripping toilet paper into bits. When she realized she was caught, she picked up on piece and wiped her nose, as if that was her intent!


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