a little late…

 nat4months This little girl loves her family.

Her eyes light up and a smile widens across her mouth

when she sees Daddy, Mommy, or Luke.

Most smiling faces will get a smile in return after she sizes you up!

She loves being held… up that is, so she can see everything.

She’s tried rice cereal, but not a fan yet.

She likes to eat on schedule, and sleep when Luke is not too loud!

She laughs, but you have to work hard to get a good one.

She likes tummy time in the bath, the BIG bathtub!

She loves a diaper change, but hates getting shirts on and off over her head.

She goes to the doctor on Friday, so I’ll have her official stats then!

(now she’s 4 1/2 months, but close, right?!)


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