What a great way to start the year off. after vacation, we get sick with the flu and Darin had strep on top of that. and the kids ears were being affected. then, when things were looking on the up, I get sick again, fall down the stairs, bruising the right side of my body and getting whiplash.image but we are the mend now. i think. i hope. we all seem to be.

as I think about these past few weeks, my thoughts wander here…

For those of you who have been to my house, you might not believe this next statement, but it’s true.

I like space.

Empty space.

Clear countertops, clean floor, clear table and desk, empty kitchen sink. everything in its place (and the place decided probably by me) I was one of those teachers who couldn’t go home until everything was put away and my desk was empty. (there aren’t many of those). And my desk was big, because it was actually a table. Even after having Luke, and wanting to rush home, I had to clear my desk. Now I have a husband who thinks an empty counter is for putting  things on and a son who thinks an empty floor needs lots of toys. Which is fine, but by the end of the day, things have to be put away and I have to have organized space, space that makes sense to me. You can judge how my day has been by looking for such “space.” So for those of you who have been to my house lately (which I think has just been my mom, thank goodness for her)  would know that my life has NOT been going well.

But I am happy to report, the kitchen sink is empty!


dishes washed, put away. Kitchen counters clean.

I’m still working on the rest of the house, but you can see some small empty spaces, some small organized spaces, and soon I’ll have my life back. yes, we are on the mend now.


3 thoughts on “Space

  1. Oh, Nada! I wish I could come help ease some of your load. It sounds like quite the month! I’m so sorry! How sad about falling down the stairs, too! It’s funny you mention that because I fell down my stairs 3 times in one day in September and badly bruised my hip and neck. I felt like an idiot, but mostly just hurt! I guess I’m telling you this to say I can relate. And the clean space thing…I LOVE a clean house. I’m not a pro at keeping it there always, but I sure do like it better that way. We all do, so I do my best to achieve it. There is always more peace in our home on all levels when I manage to get there. Good luck!

  2. I would like you to know I try the best I can. I too enjoy a clean house and space, and I don’t sprawl my stuff all over every available space. Only a select few.

  3. Thanks Heidi! I can’t believe I fell down the stairs that I’ve literally gone up and down since I was a kid! Darin, You do a great job. You always help me try and keep the house clean. I was just sharing how excited I am to finally be getting better. I love you!

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