A Few of My Favorite Things…

I think it’s time to check in on Luke.

CIMG7219 He finally got to play in the snow that been hanging around for almost a week! He loved it!

(except sledding down the hill with Daddy, or when Daddy slid him on his back!)

A few of his favorite things right now include…

food… any treats, mac and cheese, and yogurt

color… BLUE

drink… hot chocolate, and milk

bedtime song… Happy Birthday (Grandpa, Grandma, and Lauren always make the list) 

activity… watching Luke movies, shooting baskets, and playing with Natalie

CIMG7234 Mommy time… cuddling at bedtime and when she tries to leave he says, “Come back and check on me!”

Daddy time… horsey rides, chase, and play basketball

He is growing up so fast… LUKE, we love you!


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