happiness these days…

…even though we can’t play outside much because of the cold (it doesn’t stop Luke, only Nat and Mom!), we are still finding plenty to do around the house. like see what one might look like with a red beard

CIMG7331 CIMG7332

a little too red for my liking!

…most of the times we just explore the forgotten toys, scatter blocks, try and get Natalie to laugh…

CIMG7335 CIMG7339

…which usually isn’t too hard, but if we are boring… she finds her toes!

CIMG7342 CIMG7321

She definitely doesn’t like to be left alone. She knows a toy is just to distract her from being put down and she doesn’t like it!

…and it’s hard not scoop this little girl up!


She has been eating cereal all week and loving it.  It’s always such fun to begin food with the baby.  I can’t believe she is old enough! She is almost 6 months old.  I am sad that her hair has been falling out, glad that she still has quite a bit, and hopeful that it will stay more brown like mine (I think that’s why she looks more like me).

She is a lot like Luke was with the sleeping (or lack thereof), but we are working on it, always working on it.

On a side note, separate from my kids, I just want to say that I am loving studying the Old Testament. I don’t go to Sunday School because I am in Primary, but I am following along at home and for some reason I am just getting a kick out of reading it.  I am just enjoying these stories that I’m familiar with, I’ve heard more, I’ve read before, but never really read them like this! Oh to be a 100 and having kids… crazy! Glad I’m doing it a little bit younger, more energetic, I think.

And yes, I’m working on my new sewing machine and loving it. Pictures to come soon. No laughing at the simplicity of my projects though, remember my children who love to be held and have all my attention?!


3 thoughts on “happiness these days…

  1. Yay…you got a sewing machine? I missed that tidbit…if anyone needed one that would use it, it would be YOU! 🙂 Can’t wait to see all your projects! xo

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