Over the Weekend…


Luke discovered he can really use the chair or his stool to do just about anything,

including opening the fridge (dang it), and climbing on the counters.

I’d like to say he was caught up here, eating the last cupcake, but he actually announced to me (I was in the other room) that he was “Up here!” and then waited until I walked in the room to shovel a chunk of cake in his mouth!

We also caught a case of the giggles from Natalie on film!

(sorry it’s large, but I think she’s so cute!)

She just thinks Luke is the best.  It’s fun to see them play and interact with each other.  She thinks he is so funny and loves playing peekaboo with him and watching (and imitating) him jump.

We also started our little seedlings for our garden, but I’ll post more about that adventure later! Needless to say we are excited spring is here and we are ready for more fun in nature!


Dinner at the Bear’s House…

Papa Payne, Mama Payne, and Boy Payne enjoyed a nice dinner together.


 Nati-locks stopped by and decided she would join in on the lively conversation.


Papa Payne told about his exhausting day at work.


Mama Payne told about the yummy treats they made for the party.


Boy Payne told about his success on the potty.


Nati-locks squealed in delight as each told about their day.

And all was well….                     

                     ….for now!

he’s a man…

…on a mission.


you’ll have to ask him about it.

but I will tell you it will affect my grocery shopping,

and my addiction to buy good deals only,

and maybe, just maybe, even what I eat after dinner!

you can do it, hon!


It’s hard to believe, but it’s true… our little Natali-li is six months old!


 I attempted a photo shoot right before naptime, thus I didn’t get much to work with! Her check up isn’t for 2 weeks, so I don’t have any official stats.

Things to Remember:

she loves face time, being held up, and walking around

she  loves gnawing on everything and eating…

has tried lots of veggies and cereal, and loves sucking on fruit with her little teether toy

she lights up when Luke comes in the room

her wispy hair flies everywhere

she can fall asleep on her own, but still eats in the night

she loves snuggling with her lovey or blanket

she loves patty cake

she grabs her toes when we won’t pick her up

she is always sticking out her tongue

She is just sweet and content with life!

Spring Break = Fabulous Fun – the pictures

Darin’s been on Spring Break all week, and we’ve had a great time.

However, there aren’t many pictures to show for it. The camera went everywhere we did, but it forgot to come out of my purse, silly camera!

First we had BIG BOY DAY!

Luke said good bye to his binkies and got to have some big boy fun.       

He played at the mall play place, visited Build-A-Bear (a new puppy joined the flanks in his bed) and Chuck E. Cheese’s (loves playing all the games even though he can’t do them all), got a drink with ice and a straw (such a big boy thing), played golf with his outside clubs in the backyard (favorite activity and yes he hits those balls quite far!), and made homemade pretzels (unfortunately they didn’t turn out right).

image   image

With all the fun, he missed his nap, and we were worried about bedtime. After we reminded him that he gave his binkies away, he went to bed just fine.

WHY didn’t we do this a year ago?!

P.S. He is also potty training and doing quite well. Especially considering we went somewhere everyday (he even went potty at TSU) !

I can’t believe how grownup he is getting.

We also went to quite a few consignment sales, and Luke finally owns his own LEGITIMATE (pulling the back massager around by the string when he was younger doesn’t really count) pull toy (he loves to play with any pull toy he sees, yet we never got him one) !


Well, I bet you thought this post was gonna be more about Darin and his time off from school and work, but in the end, it all comes back to the kids! We LOVED having him home, helping with everything, and playing without being distracted by the many things he “should be” doing. We are sad it is coming to an end, yet happy he is almost done with this semester and thus almost done with all that “classwork” stuff! We don’t yet know for sure about his internships approaching, but we are working on them and are looking forward to them!