It’s hard to believe, but it’s true… our little Natali-li is six months old!


 I attempted a photo shoot right before naptime, thus I didn’t get much to work with! Her check up isn’t for 2 weeks, so I don’t have any official stats.

Things to Remember:

she loves face time, being held up, and walking around

she  loves gnawing on everything and eating…

has tried lots of veggies and cereal, and loves sucking on fruit with her little teether toy

she lights up when Luke comes in the room

her wispy hair flies everywhere

she can fall asleep on her own, but still eats in the night

she loves snuggling with her lovey or blanket

she loves patty cake

she grabs her toes when we won’t pick her up

she is always sticking out her tongue

She is just sweet and content with life!


3 thoughts on “Already?!

  1. OH MY – I so didn’t even know your were pregnant!! CONGRATS – and your little girl is so cute and getting so big already! So – we are moving to Kentucky in a few months!! How far are you guys from there?

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