Dinner at the Bear’s House…

Papa Payne, Mama Payne, and Boy Payne enjoyed a nice dinner together.


 Nati-locks stopped by and decided she would join in on the lively conversation.


Papa Payne told about his exhausting day at work.


Mama Payne told about the yummy treats they made for the party.


Boy Payne told about his success on the potty.


Nati-locks squealed in delight as each told about their day.

And all was well….                     

                     ….for now!


2 thoughts on “Dinner at the Bear’s House…

  1. Luke is already using the potty!!!! What?! I am just barely getting Zach to use it. He turns 3 on Monday…I’ll have to tell him he’s being shown up. He won’t like it. That is great! Good work…

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