Over the Weekend…


Luke discovered he can really use the chair or his stool to do just about anything,

including opening the fridge (dang it), and climbing on the counters.

I’d like to say he was caught up here, eating the last cupcake, but he actually announced to me (I was in the other room) that he was “Up here!” and then waited until I walked in the room to shovel a chunk of cake in his mouth!

We also caught a case of the giggles from Natalie on film!

(sorry it’s large, but I think she’s so cute!)

She just thinks Luke is the best.  It’s fun to see them play and interact with each other.  She thinks he is so funny and loves playing peekaboo with him and watching (and imitating) him jump.

We also started our little seedlings for our garden, but I’ll post more about that adventure later! Needless to say we are excited spring is here and we are ready for more fun in nature!


6 thoughts on “Over the Weekend…

  1. What a cute video of Natalie!! That’s priceless. It’s so rare to get a good clip of them laughing like that. Ya’ll are the cutest family ever! Thanks so much for the fun night of food & games! We should do that more often.

  2. What a cutie! I love baby laughs!! There’s nothing like them! As I was playing the video of Natalie, Matt came downstairs and asked if that was Kylee laughing! It was funny thanks for sharing her cuteness!

  3. Wow, Luke and Natalie look so much alike. Do people say that to you guys a lot? We get that a lot with Jaxon and Mailee. Your kids are too cute and just getting so big! We miss you guys!!

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