the zoo crew…

Ahhh! Beautiful spring weather,

no humidity, warm sun, light breeze…

perfect day for the zoo!


This thought also occurred to several schools as well! Thankfully, there weren’t too many groups there today (I hear Friday is horrible!) and we were able to enjoy ourselves without being run over!

CIMG7916 CIMG7924

We visited the elephants, giraffes, and lorikeets.

CIMG7907 CIMG7937

And, of course, we played at the playground!

CIMG7918 CIMG7930

Aren’t they just so cute together?!


I can’t believe Natalie is getting so big!


…a little bit of the fun

What a weekend!

The weather was great,

the food was eaten,

…and the fun was had!

20100418Here’s a smidgen of the festivities from this weekend!

(Obviously I didn’t take enough pictures myself, so I will put up a few more once I steal them from everyone else)

Darin did ski and went down the waterslide,

I enjoyed the tube and snuck into the hot tub w/Dawn & Marissa,

Luke rode the tube and played pool and in the pool,

Natalie was held by everyone, even Alex!

We all rode paddleboats, played games, ate and ate and ate, teased each other too much and soaked up some sun!

hoppin around…

…Easter weekend was a fun-filled family weekend. We enjoyed Saturday morning together, Daddy went for a boat ride while Luke and Natalie played with Mom at Grandpa and Grandma’s house, we planted a raspberry twig (hope it grows), ate delicious Indonesian with the Whitaker clan, enjoyed general conference, watched Luke find all the eggs in his personal hunt, took in some sun…

CIMG7503 CIMG7505CIMG7507

(bedheads discovering our Easter basket surprises)

p.s. Thanks Grandpa & Grandma Payne for the Kindereggs—they were devoured in less than a minute—and for the children’s songbook, already used in FHE last night!

 CIMG7523 CIMG7520 CIMG7534

(Luke’s no competition egg hunt was a success, next year he’ll have to race Aliali!) 

CIMG7543 CIMG7540

We love this spring weather!