the zoo crew…

Ahhh! Beautiful spring weather,

no humidity, warm sun, light breeze…

perfect day for the zoo!


This thought also occurred to several schools as well! Thankfully, there weren’t too many groups there today (I hear Friday is horrible!) and we were able to enjoy ourselves without being run over!

CIMG7916 CIMG7924

We visited the elephants, giraffes, and lorikeets.

CIMG7907 CIMG7937

And, of course, we played at the playground!

CIMG7918 CIMG7930

Aren’t they just so cute together?!


I can’t believe Natalie is getting so big!


5 thoughts on “the zoo crew…

  1. Too cute! Mailee has that same purple zip up! :o) And did you not get a double and are you carting around both kids in your single stroller?? :o)

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