i think it’s time…

Darin and his buddies have been putting together a website for PT/OT students, current and future. and quite possibly for PT/OTs working too! so just go take a look at their hard work… www.rehabstudents.com …please. and let them know what you think… even if you aren’t going into PT/OT… at least read the great article about life as a PT student written by my fabulous husband. and if you feel so inclined, just add it as a link on your blog/site!

and can I just brag for a minute… he is 2/3 the way done, making pretty much all A’s, class president, often group leader on projects, working on this website, executive secretary at church, a huge help at home for me, a great Dad to his kids, and a wonderful participant in MANY a family outing… I love him. I am SO PROUD!


2 thoughts on “i think it’s time…

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NADA! ( I don’t know how to do facebook!) I’m missing everybody with cards this year! sorry.

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