She’s growing up!


She’s such a great baby! Now that she is nine months, we need to list some of the wonderful things we LOVE about this chicklet!

~she laughs, “talks,” and “sings” all the time

~she loves her “ala” (Luke), always smiles at him and crawls around the house to find him

~she loves her “dada” and LIGHTS up whenever she sees his smiling face

~she loves her “mama” especially when hungry, tired, hurt, or bored

~she signs “milk,” but sometimes I think it means she just wants her pacifier

~she will hug and cuddle with you and pat your back

~she is a social eater, and will eat anything, anytime, anywhere

~she pulls up on whatever she can

~she likes the cell phone

~she goes to bed like clockwork (and wakes up in the night like clockwork!)

~she hates hats and headbands

~she dances to any music, anytime, anywhere!



A great DEAL day!


Well, I am happy to be back in the saddle, hunting deals! Today I got all this for $10.75 and that’s because $4.69 of it was tax, so really I go it all for $6.06!! Awesome!  I mean diapers, 2 Neutragena sunscreens, 4 body washes, hair products, paper towels, and candy (that we don’t need and will no doubt become gifts) all for just six bucks, woohoo! Thanks to CVS and RiteAid deals,, and COUPONING!

I talked with a great friend/hot momma the other night after Bunco and she is couponing her way to Italy! I love it! Since there are less people in her home, she has kept the same food budget but started couponing and ALL the savings go towards a a trip to Italy in 2012! How great is that?! I decided we are couponing to keep our school debt to a minimum… then we will be couponing to PAY OFF the school debt and maybe one day we too will coupon our way to Europe!

I love saving money and hear about others saving money and helping others save money… 🙂


This is a popular number for me right now. Not just one on its own, but ONE a day, or ONE a week, or ONE a month… it’s how I set my goals, and try to focus a little on me and improving myself. I decided to give my goals a voice, and perhaps a little motivation too.  This year I have the goals of visiting the temple ONCE a month and reading the Ensign cover to cover every month.



Thus far successfully completed, thanks to my mother and sister and in-laws for babysitting so I could could go and GO WITH MY HUSBAND !! 🙂



This one is fun because I seem to breeze through the stories and articles and love every bit of it! I love the new layout and new “sections.” However, May became a bit of a challenge because I didn’t get it before I left on vacation and it is the general conference talks (its usually the issue I didn’t get all the way through in previous years), thus I gave myself a new project one, to read ONE talk a day (I’ve been pretty good at doing so).  I’ve really enjoyed reading one talk a day to really think more about what was said at conference, and to read what I didn’t hear while taking care of the kids!

I also have a goal to do my VISITING TEACHING every month this year…


Sadly I totally missed May, I was out of town/country for 25 days, but still I could have emailed or sent a card… sorry girls, I’m recommitting myself!

After Stake Conference today, I’ve decided to add another project…



I want to study my scriptures ONCE a day, not just read or breeze through a section, but read, ponder and study. (I’m pretty sure this goal goes back on my new year’s resolutions quite frequently, so thus I resolving once again to do better!)

Now most of my projects appear to be working on improving my spirituality. I guess it’s a big focus for me this year?! However there are a few other projects on the list.



I want to have an adventure with the chicklets ONCE a week, sometimes ONCE a DAY if things seem too boring around the house. Thanks to a great price on a family zoo pass, the FREE play areas in the mall, storytime at the library, playdates with friends, my mom helping us get a family pass to the ADVENTURE SCIENCE CENTER, and our inflatable pool…I’ve been doing pretty good with this one!



I also set a goal to craft ONCE a week. This one hasn’t been so good, but I’ve been squeezing in a few projects and I got a list running in my head that I just need to start…

and my other NEW goal to add to the list–



For a little bit I was trying to do something everyday, but that petered out rather quickly. SO HERE I AM, ready to jump back on the wagon. I’m gonna do it. 20 minutes a day… I can find that kinda time right?

Well, here’s to goals and projects…

Hope this week goes well!

Vacation, vacation, vacation…

So there just isn’t enough time to actually show all of the fun on a vacation in one post, so here goes installment #3…maybe I’ll finish it!

We did get to go 4 wheelin’ (or ridin the quads) and to visit the baby chicks with the Leavitt’s and Low’s… check out these tough boys


and Luke loved watching the other boys play (maybe next time he’ll interact a bit more!) and he thought the tire swing was cool …which is amazing, because he hates swings, of course he isn’t really swinging now is he?!


and then there’s our trip to Calgary… to visit Barb, the zoo (complete with dinosaurs WOW!), and Olive Garden (where Luke peed on me- NICE!)…

CIMG8230 CIMG8203

CIMG8205 CIMG8229 CIMG8211 CIMG8224

(doesn’t Luke’s face match the dinosaur oh so well? poor thing was just worn out!)

aren’t these kids adorable? they were all great on the trip!


and last thing I have to mention is the golf outing. It was the last day in Canada and Luke had not gotten to go golfing with Daddy and Grandpa yet, even though he brought his clubs ALL the way ACROSS the country, so we had to go.  The day before had been perfect weather, but this day… cloudy, windy, even a bit of rain, BUT THAT WASN’T GOING TO STOP US! and it’s a good thing, because Luke loved it, LOVED it, absolutely loved it… proof? he still talks about it!

CIMG8234 CIMG8236

The boys only played 9 holes, and Luke only got to putt, but he didn’t mind. He did fall asleep (in about a minute) though at the last hole when we had him lay in between us on the cart and cover up with a jacket to hide from the rain that was starting to fall (I’ve never seen him fall asleep that fast and in such a weird position!)

and speaking of sleep, we found him like this one night when the adults were still up having fun and he didn’t want to be in bed but we made him stay downstairs anyway…


Of course that wasn’t the entirety of the trip, but I’m calling it good. I got other things to blog about…

Oh NO!

…just kidding! We do have to worry a bit more now though because Natalie is a mover! Last weekend she decided to crawl and now she goes for something if she wants it. I also always find her standing in her crib after naptimes and she is constantly pulling up on things. She is not too fast, but she is determined!

Vacation, Vacation…

Our day at Waterton couldn’t have been more perfect!

Sunny yet cool for a walk around Red Rock

CIMG8027 CIMG8044 CIMG8038CIMG8032

we are a happy family…


we had a snowball fight at Cameron Lake


and a picnic by Waterton Lake

On our trip we saw a WOLF (rare), sheep and deer…

CIMG8086 CIMG8092

CIMG8099 CIMG8106

skipped rocks, ran along the shore, got a little wet…


I have to add in this picture,

look at Natalie’s face…

…it kinda says “Don’t mess with me right now!”

but really she just wanted a rock so bad and there were SO many!

CIMG8140 CIMG8138

We then went to play at the new park. FABULOUS!

CIMG8116 CIMG8144

And we finished off the day with, yep you guessed it…ICE CREAM! Once Natalie had a taste, she kept BEGGING for more and would dive into the cone, hilarious!

CIMG8151 CIMG8152


Of course, we had a blast!

started off flying to Utah, visiting family and friends (the Peo’s, Joy, Chase & Charlotte, Nikki & Grayson, pretty much everyone at Scera Park)

CIMG8243stopped by Pocatello to see GREAT grandma and grandpa,


had lunch in Idaho Falls with Aunt Christina and Scott (better pics on Facebook)


played LOTs with the Payne cousins

CIMG7998 CIMG8008 CIMG8013 CIMG8203

and did so much with Grandpa and Grandma!!