Vacation, Vacation…

Our day at Waterton couldn’t have been more perfect!

Sunny yet cool for a walk around Red Rock

CIMG8027 CIMG8044 CIMG8038CIMG8032

we are a happy family…


we had a snowball fight at Cameron Lake


and a picnic by Waterton Lake

On our trip we saw a WOLF (rare), sheep and deer…

CIMG8086 CIMG8092

CIMG8099 CIMG8106

skipped rocks, ran along the shore, got a little wet…


I have to add in this picture,

look at Natalie’s face…

…it kinda says “Don’t mess with me right now!”

but really she just wanted a rock so bad and there were SO many!

CIMG8140 CIMG8138

We then went to play at the new park. FABULOUS!

CIMG8116 CIMG8144

And we finished off the day with, yep you guessed it…ICE CREAM! Once Natalie had a taste, she kept BEGGING for more and would dive into the cone, hilarious!

CIMG8151 CIMG8152


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