This is a popular number for me right now. Not just one on its own, but ONE a day, or ONE a week, or ONE a month… it’s how I set my goals, and try to focus a little on me and improving myself. I decided to give my goals a voice, and perhaps a little motivation too.  This year I have the goals of visiting the temple ONCE a month and reading the Ensign cover to cover every month.



Thus far successfully completed, thanks to my mother and sister and in-laws for babysitting so I could could go and GO WITH MY HUSBAND !! 🙂



This one is fun because I seem to breeze through the stories and articles and love every bit of it! I love the new layout and new “sections.” However, May became a bit of a challenge because I didn’t get it before I left on vacation and it is the general conference talks (its usually the issue I didn’t get all the way through in previous years), thus I gave myself a new project one, to read ONE talk a day (I’ve been pretty good at doing so).  I’ve really enjoyed reading one talk a day to really think more about what was said at conference, and to read what I didn’t hear while taking care of the kids!

I also have a goal to do my VISITING TEACHING every month this year…


Sadly I totally missed May, I was out of town/country for 25 days, but still I could have emailed or sent a card… sorry girls, I’m recommitting myself!

After Stake Conference today, I’ve decided to add another project…



I want to study my scriptures ONCE a day, not just read or breeze through a section, but read, ponder and study. (I’m pretty sure this goal goes back on my new year’s resolutions quite frequently, so thus I resolving once again to do better!)

Now most of my projects appear to be working on improving my spirituality. I guess it’s a big focus for me this year?! However there are a few other projects on the list.



I want to have an adventure with the chicklets ONCE a week, sometimes ONCE a DAY if things seem too boring around the house. Thanks to a great price on a family zoo pass, the FREE play areas in the mall, storytime at the library, playdates with friends, my mom helping us get a family pass to the ADVENTURE SCIENCE CENTER, and our inflatable pool…I’ve been doing pretty good with this one!



I also set a goal to craft ONCE a week. This one hasn’t been so good, but I’ve been squeezing in a few projects and I got a list running in my head that I just need to start…

and my other NEW goal to add to the list–



For a little bit I was trying to do something everyday, but that petered out rather quickly. SO HERE I AM, ready to jump back on the wagon. I’m gonna do it. 20 minutes a day… I can find that kinda time right?

Well, here’s to goals and projects…

Hope this week goes well!


4 thoughts on “One

  1. WHAT GOOD LOFTY GOALS good luck and stick with it even if you start over and over, and over, and over…. this from experience! Love ya

  2. Thanks Gretchen. I guess I’m just trying to keep myself motivated and just saying it helps! I’m sure these will be goals I’ll continually be working on for the REST of MY LIFE!

  3. Ok, I’m totally inspired now. Thanks Nada! I remember you always were so motivated; good to see that it has stuck w/ you! I’m going to make some of these my new goals too! Thanks for the inspiration!

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