Vacation, vacation, vacation…

So there just isn’t enough time to actually show all of the fun on a vacation in one post, so here goes installment #3…maybe I’ll finish it!

We did get to go 4 wheelin’ (or ridin the quads) and to visit the baby chicks with the Leavitt’s and Low’s… check out these tough boys


and Luke loved watching the other boys play (maybe next time he’ll interact a bit more!) and he thought the tire swing was cool …which is amazing, because he hates swings, of course he isn’t really swinging now is he?!


and then there’s our trip to Calgary… to visit Barb, the zoo (complete with dinosaurs WOW!), and Olive Garden (where Luke peed on me- NICE!)…

CIMG8230 CIMG8203

CIMG8205 CIMG8229 CIMG8211 CIMG8224

(doesn’t Luke’s face match the dinosaur oh so well? poor thing was just worn out!)

aren’t these kids adorable? they were all great on the trip!


and last thing I have to mention is the golf outing. It was the last day in Canada and Luke had not gotten to go golfing with Daddy and Grandpa yet, even though he brought his clubs ALL the way ACROSS the country, so we had to go.  The day before had been perfect weather, but this day… cloudy, windy, even a bit of rain, BUT THAT WASN’T GOING TO STOP US! and it’s a good thing, because Luke loved it, LOVED it, absolutely loved it… proof? he still talks about it!

CIMG8234 CIMG8236

The boys only played 9 holes, and Luke only got to putt, but he didn’t mind. He did fall asleep (in about a minute) though at the last hole when we had him lay in between us on the cart and cover up with a jacket to hide from the rain that was starting to fall (I’ve never seen him fall asleep that fast and in such a weird position!)

and speaking of sleep, we found him like this one night when the adults were still up having fun and he didn’t want to be in bed but we made him stay downstairs anyway…


Of course that wasn’t the entirety of the trip, but I’m calling it good. I got other things to blog about…


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