A great DEAL day!


Well, I am happy to be back in the saddle, hunting deals! Today I got all this for $10.75 and that’s because $4.69 of it was tax, so really I go it all for $6.06!! Awesome!  I mean diapers, 2 Neutragena sunscreens, 4 body washes, hair products, paper towels, and candy (that we don’t need and will no doubt become gifts) all for just six bucks, woohoo! Thanks to CVS and RiteAid deals, Southernsavers.com, and COUPONING!

I talked with a great friend/hot momma the other night after Bunco and she is couponing her way to Italy! I love it! Since there are less people in her home, she has kept the same food budget but started couponing and ALL the savings go towards a a trip to Italy in 2012! How great is that?! I decided we are couponing to keep our school debt to a minimum… then we will be couponing to PAY OFF the school debt and maybe one day we too will coupon our way to Europe!

I love saving money and hear about others saving money and helping others save money… 🙂


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