She’s growing up!


She’s such a great baby! Now that she is nine months, we need to list some of the wonderful things we LOVE about this chicklet!

~she laughs, “talks,” and “sings” all the time

~she loves her “ala” (Luke), always smiles at him and crawls around the house to find him

~she loves her “dada” and LIGHTS up whenever she sees his smiling face

~she loves her “mama” especially when hungry, tired, hurt, or bored

~she signs “milk,” but sometimes I think it means she just wants her pacifier

~she will hug and cuddle with you and pat your back

~she is a social eater, and will eat anything, anytime, anywhere

~she pulls up on whatever she can

~she likes the cell phone

~she goes to bed like clockwork (and wakes up in the night like clockwork!)

~she hates hats and headbands

~she dances to any music, anytime, anywhere!



5 thoughts on “She’s growing up!

  1. She’s gorgeous Nada! Mine is 6 months now so it was fun to see the updates b/c we’re going through them and about to go through them. Isn’t it funny those mamas that have babies that sleep through the night at like 6 weeks. I think they’re exaggerating…seriously. Mine just started and is still not consistent.

  2. Yeah TP, I don’t do the sleep training at 6 weeks, Luke was just too difficult. Natalie wakes up twice a night, sometimes takes her pacifier and falls asleep, but usually eats and falls asleep. Since I haven’t weaned her, I haven’t bothered to get rid of the night feedings… but I should. I’m not good at waking up at 6:30 with them! I love your little girls, they are adorable!

  3. So cute! Great job on the pics…I love them! At first I thought she was going to look like a little Nada but I can totally see Darin now too:) Oh I can’t wait for my little girl!

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