five and counting…


Woohoo to five years!

Thanks, sweet husband, it’s been great so far.

We had fondue Thursday night with the kids.

Luke and Natalie loved the cheese balls.

Darin surprised me with flowers…


Then Darin and I took off Friday night for our first overnighter without the kids! We headed up to Jasper, Indiana for our stay at a little bed and breakfast. Talking for 3 hours, just the two of us, uninterrupted was fabulous.


We arrived at the Bates Motel, oops I mean, Powers Inn and were quite warmly welcomed! Our overeager hostess showed us to our room, which definitely was decorated by a great-grandma! I mean, the antiques were cute, by the pink, flowers and lace were a bit much! But it was clean, comfy, and quiet!

The first thing Darin said was, “There’s no TV in this room!” No worries, we had a great night without one!


Here is our cute sitting area, and bathroom (I liked the dresser vanity).

In the morning we had breakfast in the dining room with a sweet old couple who also stayed the night (the lady let Darin know that her husband also noticed there was no TV right off the bat, but that they didn’t need one! can we say eewww!?!)

The breakfast wasn’t really Darin’s favorite (breakfast casserole: hash browns, eggs, cheese, peppers, bacon all rolled into one, served with cantaloupe, grapes and banana read WITH raisins (none of which Darin cares for!)

Then we headed off to Holiday World!


We were at the park from open to close… 12 hours on our feet! Our favorite waterslide, Bakuli, kinda flushed you like a toilet! Our favorite rollercoaster, The Voyage, left every muscle in our bodies sore! We had to ride it once more in the dark before we left and that was even better! We had a blast playing, just the two of us! We drank tons of free drinks, enjoyed some burgers and dogs, and of course… funnel cake!

CIMG8507 CIMG8509

This is only the beginning, but it has been quite an adventure thus far. We both agreed that our favorite memories list is topped with the birth of our children. Funny how important they become! We missed them and are ever so thankful for a brave grandma to take care of them all weekend! Now it’s time for her to go on vacay!



5 thoughts on “five and counting…

  1. Yay for having a “great night” without the tv, and for being flushed down a toilet! haha glad you guys had a blast!

  2. Sounds like so much (deserved) fun! Speaking of your fondue cheese balls…can we your recipe? Bryan still talks about how good those were!

  3. Congrats on 5 years guys!! How much fun to get away without the kids. Still don’t know how that’s like… ;o) Miss you guys!! Oh and ditto on getting those fondue and cheese ball recipes! :o)

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