It’s that time again!



It’s time for the annual visit to Walden Farm with Grandma. The best pumpkin patch in the area. They are awesome because they have free stuff! They have lots of animals to see, kids’ play areas, and a hay maze …all without a price tag. Of course Grandma does buy them a pumpkin and a treat, and the new pumpkin train was tempting, luckily it wasn’t a busy day and they weren’t running it!

CIMG8894 CIMG8921

Natalie was loving all the animals. She kept pointing and talking to them. Until the goat poked his head through the fence and into her face…not so cool!


the annual pumpkin pictures…

CIMG8903 CIMG8907


and wagon rides by Aden and Uncle Nathan!

CIMG8939 CIMG8937

the classic picture with a 658 pound pumpkin…


We spent most of our time feeding the goats, probably because the feeder just kept giving Luke more feed without putting in more money!

CIMG8943 CIMG8940

we couldn’t get a really cute picture of the two of them together, but they sure had a blast on this tractor!


Natalie wasn’t so sure about the hay maze, but all the boys ran through several times!

CIMG8964 CIMG8961

A fun time at Walden Farm, even for me and handsome husband!



Love you forever


I will. always. even when I think you are driving me crazy. As the book so aptly tells me, I must remember how fast times goes.

Natalie One Year Stats

21 lb 4 oz (almost 2 lbs less than Luke was)

30 in (1/2 taller than Luke was)

and her head like 75% percentile,

sounds about right, both my kids have big heads according to the doctor!

Little tidbits:

She loves shoes- putting them on and off, carrying them around the house, and throwing them in the trash can.

She loves to read books and if she finds one, you have to read it.

She loves to laugh. She will make silly faces and big grins to get you to laugh, so she can laugh. She always laughs if Luke laughs!

She loves to play chase. She will chase you (quite slowly since she is still a bit tipsy) and if you are chasing her, she will walk and crawl fast at first, then let you catch her so she can be tickled and tossed around!

Sometimes she folds her arms for prayers. Sometimes she makes loud noises because its too quiet during the prayer!

She likes to climb on things, type on the keyboard, put lids on and off, dump containers of things everywhere, and play with any toy Luke has. She also always wants his sippy cup instead of hers. She really lights up when he is around and gets her feelings hurt easily if he pushes her away.

She likes to sing along in car, but doesn’t care for long car rides (hope this trip goes well). She likes her new carseat and loves being able to see what Luke sees (and want what Luke has too.)

She is so sweet and always happy and wiggly whenever she sees us. We love her so very much and I think she is kinda fond of us too!

it’ll only take a few hours…

In hopes that the Roberson’s won’t slip and fall and sue us while they are living in our house, it was decided that new steps for the deck should be built.

It was a Saturday afternoon, after the the SouthNashDash, Zumba, the Old Timer’s Day Parade and festivities, and Dad getting new glasses that we began this project.

…but don’t worry it will only take a few hours,


Take down was easy,


drawing up the plans, getting the supplies, cutting the boards, remeasuring, redrawing the plans, buying another circular saw to get done faster because it was already getting dark, working by flashlight, eating tacos between cuts, attaching and reattaching the runners, fastening everything together, cutting steps & rails to fit…


…well, it took a little longer.

(another day in fact!)


Thanks Nathan, Dad, and Darin for all your hard (free) labor and fabulous work. Thanks Mom for helping and Karie for loaning us your husband and hanging with us.

The little boys had fun while the big boys worked!


the father & son campout

Darin thought it would a great adventure to take Luke camping, just the boys! From what I heard upon their return, smarshmellows are the best things ever, Luke is more proned to tripping and falling when a fire is involved, and Darin needs at least 24 hours to recuperate after such hard work, errr…I mean, fun!

CIMG8839 CIMG8841 CIMG8838 CIMG8846 CIMG8845 CIMG8848 CIMG8842 CIMG8843

Speckled, Spotted, and All Polka-dotted…


The day started off with the tradition of lots of balloons…

CIMG8736 CIMG8744

CIMG8749 CIMG8745

which she enjoyed almost as much as Luke…


we played all day, went to the park, wrapped and rewrapped presents (after Luke opened them), and prepared for the birthday dinner…

The family was invited over for chicken roll ups. (One of Luke and Natalie’s favorite dinners, however, Natalie decided not eat much!)

CIMG8778 CIMG8779

The birthday girls were at each end of the table,

and kept making faces at each other! 🙂


Natalie was ready for presents and cake!

I asked if the boys wouldn’t mind helping her with her presents,

CIMG8794 CIMG8797

and they readily agreed!

She got musical turtles, a cash register, baby dolls, a bear, a car seat, and money for some new clothes! Thank you everyone for being so sweet!


Marissa got to open hers by herself, I think.


Then we all enjoyed some speckled, spotted, all polka-dotted cake!

CIMG8814 CIMG8821

I wish I could say this was Natalie’s first time eating cake and she was a little apprehensive, but it WASN’T, she dug right in and she loved it!



Who doesn’t love playing in a white cloud…

of baby powder?!


At the beginning of September, I mistakenly left a full bottle of baby powder on Luke’s dresser. Who knew he would notice it at 10:00 at night, when he should have been asleep for 2 hours?! Darin and I sure got a good laugh at the this albino driving trucks, and jumping on his bed while his fan blew the stuff everywhere! There is still baby powder in that room, probably will be for the next 10 years!


and I’m back…

from where you ask? no where. just back to blogging. 🙂 and no, not on a new computer (which if Darin had his way he would promptly go out and get me one), but rather on this dreadfully slow old laptop. which may be slow, however, it didn’t cost us anything at the moment (and I’m sure to find a great deal on something for Christmas, in that I have much faith). I’ll start with some adorable pictures of my cute children to draw you back in… if there is anyone still checking this blog!

March 2007 018

Marshmallow and milk break after shopping!

March 2007 026

The pigtail on top!

March 2007 034

The impromptu nap after bath time!

March 2007 077  March 2007 067

Pure joy at the zoo playground!