and I’m back…

from where you ask? no where. just back to blogging. 🙂 and no, not on a new computer (which if Darin had his way he would promptly go out and get me one), but rather on this dreadfully slow old laptop. which may be slow, however, it didn’t cost us anything at the moment (and I’m sure to find a great deal on something for Christmas, in that I have much faith). I’ll start with some adorable pictures of my cute children to draw you back in… if there is anyone still checking this blog!

March 2007 018

Marshmallow and milk break after shopping!

March 2007 026

The pigtail on top!

March 2007 034

The impromptu nap after bath time!

March 2007 077  March 2007 067

Pure joy at the zoo playground!


5 thoughts on “and I’m back…

  1. Yeah! I’m glad you’re back to blogging…I fee the exact same way. Hard to get on the computer these days and post all the pictures that just keep on piling up, eh?
    Got your hellos from Melissa Ekman after she saw you guys in Cardston. Miss you guys too much! Hope all is well.

  2. Yay! Your kids are getting bigger and cuter all the time. It’s OK to not blog all the time, no worries. I believe Natalie got the bronze Grandma Betty skin color that was given to your mom, then you, then Natalie. Love it!

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