it’ll only take a few hours…

In hopes that the Roberson’s won’t slip and fall and sue us while they are living in our house, it was decided that new steps for the deck should be built.

It was a Saturday afternoon, after the the SouthNashDash, Zumba, the Old Timer’s Day Parade and festivities, and Dad getting new glasses that we began this project.

…but don’t worry it will only take a few hours,


Take down was easy,


drawing up the plans, getting the supplies, cutting the boards, remeasuring, redrawing the plans, buying another circular saw to get done faster because it was already getting dark, working by flashlight, eating tacos between cuts, attaching and reattaching the runners, fastening everything together, cutting steps & rails to fit…


…well, it took a little longer.

(another day in fact!)


Thanks Nathan, Dad, and Darin for all your hard (free) labor and fabulous work. Thanks Mom for helping and Karie for loaning us your husband and hanging with us.

The little boys had fun while the big boys worked!



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