Speckled, Spotted, and All Polka-dotted…


The day started off with the tradition of lots of balloons…

CIMG8736 CIMG8744

CIMG8749 CIMG8745

which she enjoyed almost as much as Luke…


we played all day, went to the park, wrapped and rewrapped presents (after Luke opened them), and prepared for the birthday dinner…

The family was invited over for chicken roll ups. (One of Luke and Natalie’s favorite dinners, however, Natalie decided not eat much!)

CIMG8778 CIMG8779

The birthday girls were at each end of the table,

and kept making faces at each other! 🙂


Natalie was ready for presents and cake!

I asked if the boys wouldn’t mind helping her with her presents,

CIMG8794 CIMG8797

and they readily agreed!

She got musical turtles, a cash register, baby dolls, a bear, a car seat, and money for some new clothes! Thank you everyone for being so sweet!


Marissa got to open hers by herself, I think.


Then we all enjoyed some speckled, spotted, all polka-dotted cake!

CIMG8814 CIMG8821

I wish I could say this was Natalie’s first time eating cake and she was a little apprehensive, but it WASN’T, she dug right in and she loved it!




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