Next Stop: Rapid City

… oh wait … WALL DRUG!

So there are over 100 signs, starting way back in Iowa for “Wall Drug” in South Dakota. So of course, by the time we got to the exit, we had to stop! It is an endless store/tourist trap. It was fun to walk through store after store, play on the “cowboys” in the alley, chase the shooting water in the back, and riding the giant jackalope!
It was a good final stop before arriving at our destination… Rapid City.

This was our longest day of driving and it wasn’t too stressful. The LaQuinta had a waterpark, but it cost extra and since we arrived late, we didn’t bother with that, but it was clean, friendly, and comfortable. And if our 1 year old wasn’t up all night with stomach pains we might have enjoyed it a little better! (Luckily she got it out around 2 am and Luke didn’t wake up til 5:30 so we got at least 3 hrs right?!)


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