I got my fall after all!

We’ve had great weather since we’ve been here. and we’ve really enjoyed some fabulous fall fun!
We headed to WATERTON last Saturday and it was gorgeous. There was NO WIND so it was warm and pleasant (the wind always makes it feel 20 degrees colder.)

We couldn’t keep Luke out of the water. He insisted on wearing his snow boots, so at least his feet stayed dry and warm.

We had a blast checking out The Lodges of Waterton, playing on the playground, and throwing rocks in the water!

This week we ventured to the CORNMAZE! Just on the edge of Lethbridge is a cornmaze complete with petting zoo (if you dare pet them, the duck almost took Luke’s hand off and the llama nibbled Grandpa!) and cow train!

Natalie loved riding the cow train, she kept jumping and smiling with every bump. Meanwhile, Luke was wondering when it was going to end!

On the other hand, Luke would have happily fed the animals all night, and Natalie practically jumped out of skin every time any animal came close to us!
Then we headed into the cornmaze…

The first thing Luke did was take off as fast as he could and we quickly lost him. As my heart was fluttering a bit fast, Darin could see him flying through the corn, but I still couldn’t find him anywhere. Finally he popped out on the path a little ways in front of me, but did he stop? Nope, just turned and kept running. I finally chased him down, with Natalie bouncing on my shoulders, and told him he can’t cut through the corn, that’s cheating. He just looked at me like, “well, that’s just silly!”

This was Grandma’s first time at a cornmaze and she was glad she wasn’t doing it alone or we would probably never see her again.

Fun was had by all…

Natalie wants to be a cowboy!


and can you believe this weather? It’s so warm we were playing in the sand box, jumping on the trampoline and driving the power wheels …without jackets!

I drove to Babb the other day, and saw the beautiful scenery of leaves changing color and falling to the ground. I’m so glad we didn’t miss fall. I love the crispness in the air, the crunch of the leaves, and fruits of the harvest.
Now I just need to raid my sister-in-law’s Halloween costume supply and we will be ready for the holiday fun to begin!


3 thoughts on “I got my fall after all!

  1. Hi guys! See Nada! Isn’t Canada great!!!! You guys should really come back up here to stay . We could party together…PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! See you in November!

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