This little monster…

(Here’s a bigger Halloween picture Marissa! the collages are cute, but can’t be enlarged!)

This little monster has developed some bad habits since we’ve been away from home. Might be the death of me! (definitely has decreased his chance of ever getting a brother!) Help me if you can…


4 thoughts on “This little monster…

  1. Wow, Luke looks like such a big boy! He seriously looks WAY older than Jaxon. Cute costume. Can’t believe you’re out in T-shirts in CANADA in October!! Miss you guys!

  2. Hm, I think we need to hear more. What’s going on? Is it the clinginess that you’ve mentioned before? It’s OK to vent about our kids. We just need to always make sure that we include the fact that we truly love them despite all the trouble! I, for one, am of the opinion that (in GENERAL) girls are much easier than boys!!

  3. Yeah, I love them. Luke is just really testing my lack my patience! He is so clingy, only I can do most anything. and “going to bed” lately wears me out, it usually takes an hour or two, and I end up sleeping with him half the night. Joy I know you can relate to this stuff, but Luke was pretty good at home, so I am not functioning as well with the crazy sleep schedule. Routine is all thrown off. and his answer is always no, even when he does want it, and then the tantrums come. Blah!! but I love him and his sister, and I think I can tough it out a bit longer! Bernice, we have had the nicest weather this fall!!

  4. That is rough, Nada. It seems like sometimes they go through phases, especially when change is involved. And lack of sleep…. yeah, that throws everything off pretty bad. You can do it! You’re actually one of the most fun and patient moms I’ve been around! So after this passes, you’ll be even more amazing. We’ll pray for you guys. 🙂

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