already 3, so big!

Happy happy Birthday to Luke!!

This cute little skittle turned three and couldn’t be happier. He woke up ridiculously early and grumpy (because he had a LATE night playing with Drew while we (minus the dads) went to a play), so I made him go back to sleep. A few hours later he woke up happy! He headed upstairs for birthday balloons. A peek at his presents pile got him excited, then we headed off to church.

We got to see the cousins primary program in Magrath. After he played, Nat napped, and Darin and I prepped sweet & sour chicken, fried rice and potstickers. Once the Payne’s arrived, the festivities began. Yummy lunch, presents, cake, and lots of playing….

It was a basketball cake, but I used the yummy, not-so-friendly-to-decorate-with icing, so you have to squint and tilt your head a bit to see the full vision- but it was DE-LISH! All was eaten, quite quickly I might add!

Natalie loved the cake too, but Rusty even more, as he ate all the crumbles falling from her mouth!

Luke is such an amazing boy. He is growing and learning so fast. He is sweet and thoughtful and little bit spicy like his parents! He is very active; loves to do somersaults, splits (like Lauren) and other cool “tricks.” He likes to read books, draw, paint, cut, glue, and create. He knows his letters and has started writing A. He often thinks of Natalie and wants everything to be equal. He likes to be “just like ___(insert Daddy, Grandpa, Drew, Natalie)___” He is very aware and likes to do things his way. Recently, we did an age-ability assessment and he can do everything other 3-year olds do! He has quite an extensive vocabulary and surprises me every day with words and expressions.

We love this little dude!


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