Merry Christmas!


We had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did too! A few nights before we watched a live nativity and Luke loved the angels on the roof. Christmas Eve was quite a party with all the cousins and yummy food. Christmas morning and all day was one big smile after another! Santa left great surprises for everyone and there were too many presents (Luke and Natalie got tired of opening gifts, perhaps we should have spaced it out and opened all week!) Luke kind of started his treasure hunt off with his Mommy’s typical attitude, but then got excited for the hunt and was ecstatic to find his treasure. (However, he was more interested in playing with Drew’s treasure instead.)  Natalie, however, got right to work pushing her stroller around! Darin and I waited until Sunday afternoon for hunting. I had a great attitude this year and loved every minute of my music filled hunt. So I am blogging to you on my awesome new computer that Darin found on clearance for a great price. He was blown away to open his treasure/early grad present… an iPad!!  Thank you, thank you. More pics and stories to come of the last month eventually!!