hello skinny jean…


Let’s just start off by saying I couldn’t believe some people are wearing these. they seem to sometimes look too tiny for people, or they make tiny people look even tinier… but maybe that’s the point. regardless, I couldn’t see myself in them. I just couldn’t imagine them looking good. I liked my bootcut, we have a great relationship. they seem to make me feel like I look good, so I was happy.  but then I ripped my favorite pair of bootcut, so my mom went to hit up a fabulous BF sale for me. only they didn’t have the same exact style (they are all already ripped up these days… blah!) so she mentioned the skinny jean. Marissa got some. of course, she looks cute in them. but then I got curious. I had her pick me up a pair. and I LOVE THEM. I want to wear them everyday. I want more boots to wear over them and more cute flats to go with them too.I don’t know if they actually look good on me or not, Darin hasn’t really said either way, but I think they are cute. Now the biggest problem, besides the shoe thing, is I want MORE! of course I am too cheap to just go get them, and I can’t justify another pair of pants (I have a few others already)… so how long can this pair last?  and can I wear them 3 days in a row if I promise not to spill ANY food on them (which is a big deal since I have 2 toddlers and I’m a messy eater myself)?!


4 thoughts on “hello skinny jean…

  1. Yay for you! And good to know. I, too, have been reluctant to enter the skinny jean world because I love my bootcuts & flares. But I do have some boots that I just have to *shove* my jeans into, so maybe I should follow your lead and get with the current style (even if it’s already been like a year that it’s been the style! haha!).

  2. Man oh man oh man, I am so pleased to read this post. I really feel like as soon as you try skinny jeans, you never go back. It makes me a little sad because I still have some flares/bootcuts I spent good money on and that fit me well but I just never feel as cute and tailored anymore compared with skinny jeans. They are so perfect for boots, flats, OR heels! It’s awesome that you can feel chic and a little dressy but still comfortable with skinny jeans and heels. And I have to recommend that if you get another pair of skinny jeans any time soon, try finding a BLACK pair that you love. I have some black skinny jeans and have to force myself not to wear them every day. Every time I DO wear them I get lots of compliments. They go with everything and look so cute and stylish while, again, still comfortable. Hooray skinny jeans!!

  3. Joy you should totally get a pair, at least for tucking in boots. I promise you’ll find yourself wearing them around the house contemplating what party to wear them to next!

  4. Ha, ha, amen sister! I too am converted to the skinny and I also only have the one pair..and LOVE them…and want more…but can’t talk myself into when I have a pile of bootcut jeans. :o( But I did end up getting more boots to wear with the skinnys. They make the boots look AWESOME! :o) Love ya and miss ya!!

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