just for my mom…

my mom pointed out that the picture I posted of Natalie was not very cute,

and she is very cute

  so here are my efforts to capture that adorable grin of Natalie’s…

with just her two bottom teeth visible

(but several more busting through as we speak)…

CIMG9815  who me?

haha that’s funny… CIMG9816

CIMG9817 …cheese? ok!

which bytheway “cheese” and “juice” are now in her vocabulary!

so I think that brings us up to 12 “words”

and everything else is signed, pointed, nodded, shaken, or cried.

I LOVE THOSE CHEEKS! maybe she is mine Smile


2 thoughts on “just for my mom…

  1. HA! this makes me laugh. Of course your mom said that! I’ll admit I, too, was thinking that that previous photo wasn’t the best of Natalie, but I wasn’t going to say anything. And I already know she’s super cute so I wasn’t worried. I love the first photo of her on this post; looks so much like you! What a sweetie pie.

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