my little handyman…


I forgot to mention Luke’s visit to Lowe’s Build and Grow clinic

Boy can he wield a hammer!


He really enjoyed building his own little music box…


SEE? it’s a Valentine’s music box!

and Natalie enjoyed emptying my entire purse while we did it since Daddy was at home sick in bed and we had to go without him (but they had extras so the little stinker got her own, which she throws around quite a bit.)

we’ll, see how long they last!



I’ve been thinking…


so a while back my sister in law compared motherhood to running, which let’s be honest I don’t do much of anymore… but she said moms are like marathon runners, we go go go, and dads are like sprinters, they come home from work and spend a short but oh so necessary amount quality time with the kids. we have the long haul (particularly stay at home moms, but even moms that work tend to do quite a lot with work on top)…

so we have to pace ourselves, we can’t do too much or we don’t make it to the end. and dads wrestle and chase and jump go a bit crazy with the kids because that’s what we need them to do, use that extra energy, sprint to the line for us…

and once again it makes me think about how amazing single moms are without a sprinter to go full force for them so the can have a bit of a rest…

and then I got to thinking about a friend of mine, she has three kids but often never leaves them all home with dad. I thought she was crazy, and that he could handle it. but then think about it… their sprinters and they need the coach (wife) close by in case of an emergency and the longer we leave them with all the kids the quicker they run out of steam…

I know last time I left Darin home with these two fireballs he barely came up for air.

what’s this all mean? nothing really. just thinking. glad to be a mom, as long as I keep a good pace.

and sometimes I don’t, and then I fall asleep at 9 b/c I stopped moving and nothing seems to keep my attention.

but I’ll keep chugging along, you too.

speaking of girls we love…

okay so we love this one too


even though she is a menace!


from trying to shed her clothes and diaper at any time,

to stealing Luke’s juice cup when he sets it down,

to throwing EVERYTHING


to emptying EVERY cupboard and drawer

and laughing when she gets in trouble


to dipping all her foods and her fingers

to reading every book she sees


to sweet hugs and kisses and cuddles


yeah, we love this girl!

So I’m sure you heard…

it snowed in Nashville. A LOT!

darn global warming…

and Luke loved it, of course.

and Natalie too until she fell down and got snowy and cold and wet!

and of course I didn’t take any really good pics, but here’s little mister’s footprints heading off into uncharted territory


and Natalie deciding which way to run (and yes, moments later trip and fall)


and did I mention I FINALLY found gloves that fit Luke’s adorable little hands


however, some people did not enjoy the snow (there’s was a lot more than what you see in the pics, this was towards the beginning!) such as Darin, who’s hour drive home turned into four! but, luckily it melted off the roads by the next afternoon. my brother quite enjoyed driving around stuck SUVs and trucks in his little Saturn Ion (thanks to the chains he had in his trunk… not sure why he has chains I think they were from the Jeep). got a few good looks!

winter might be sayign good bye though, 50s and up this week…

boat weather soon enough!