So I’m sure you heard…

it snowed in Nashville. A LOT!

darn global warming…

and Luke loved it, of course.

and Natalie too until she fell down and got snowy and cold and wet!

and of course I didn’t take any really good pics, but here’s little mister’s footprints heading off into uncharted territory


and Natalie deciding which way to run (and yes, moments later trip and fall)


and did I mention I FINALLY found gloves that fit Luke’s adorable little hands


however, some people did not enjoy the snow (there’s was a lot more than what you see in the pics, this was towards the beginning!) such as Darin, who’s hour drive home turned into four! but, luckily it melted off the roads by the next afternoon. my brother quite enjoyed driving around stuck SUVs and trucks in his little Saturn Ion (thanks to the chains he had in his trunk… not sure why he has chains I think they were from the Jeep). got a few good looks!

winter might be sayign good bye though, 50s and up this week…

boat weather soon enough!


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