didn’t I mention how much we love this girl?


Which one?



(sorry it’s blurry, Luke took it and I think the lens is dirty)

Luke and Natalie have so much fun whenever Aunt Rissa is around.

She saved the day (along with Mom) when we had to make an ahem “quick” run to the ER.

and who doesn’t love that GORGEOUS HAIR!?!


5 thoughts on “didn’t I mention how much we love this girl?

  1. oh, I pulled Natalie away from the toilet which caused her elbow joint to pop out (its called nurse maids elbow). It hurts b/c then it pushes on the wrist bone and I didn’t know what I had done exactly or how to fix it, so we rushed over to Children’s and popped it back into place and she was as happy as could be (but it took two hours to be discharged, making it a not so very quick trip to the ER). Darin of course knew right away what happened and could have fixed it if he was home. I felt horrible. The doctor told it me it happens a lot with children under 3 (which is why Darin always lectures me about picking them up by their hands or arms, I should have listened better). but I sill felt horrible. bad mother award that day. but Marissa rushed right over to stay with Luke who was sick and throwing up while my Mom drove us to the hospital.

  2. No fun 😦 That used to happen to me and my sisters when we were kids. We made many trips to the ER and my Mom got very good at popping them in herself. Who knew there would be all of these new skills to acquire as a Mom! I still think you’re in the running for mother of the year!

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