our little artists

my chiclets love to draw, color, paint, cut, create…


natalie feels the paper is too limiting…


I hope this love of decorating the body doesn’t continue into the teenage years…


or at least she sticks with removable décor…


and her big brother decides to follow in his footsteps!


soon to be Dr. Payne…


I haven’t bragged in awhile on my handsome hubby,

but here he is, off on his FINAL internship,

and loving it.

He is just a few weeks away from graduation.

We can’t believe how fast these three years have flown by,

and yet that first anatomy class seems forever ago.

I am just so proud of him, how hard he works,

he gives 110% everyday, he loves his patients,

and he is putting together the grad gala for his class.

while also spending his free time,

trimming trees, mowing the lawn, cleaning up the puke from a tantrum,

helping me cook dinner, and bake cookies!

it seems that way…


(on our way to storytime at the library, and playing at the playground after)

luke: let’s go to a different playground. let’s go to the playground with the tires we can climb on,

me: which playground?

luke: grandma and grandpa’s playground, with the tires I climb.

me: oh, the playground by grandma and grandpa Payne’s house?

luke: YEAH!

me: it’s kinda far away. we would have to drive for days and days.

luke: ok, let’s drive for days and days. it will take 5 minutes.

me: no, it takes a lot longer than 5 minutes. hours and hours, a couple of days.

luke: like, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (counting on fingers)?

me: yeah, lots.

luke: like as big as our house?

me: yeah, as big as our house.

luke: like as big as all the houses?

me: yeah.

luke: oh. let’s go to the library.

sometimes things take a long time, as big as all the houses.


In an effort to not just play ALL the time,

we try to do things slightly educational…


Luke is great at puzzles, but gets vocally frustrated if it doesn’t fit right away!


Natalie, on the other hand,

spends about 1 minute putting ANY piece on top of ANY hole

smacking them down if the don’t match up (which is usually the case)

then decides jumping is better…


running and jumping…


and tackling Mommy!

happy valentine’s day?!

Wow, where have we been? we had a great Valentine’s day…

I spent the day with my little love bugs…


And they helped me make heart shaped burgers and fries…


And Daddy came home with these yummy treats…



RIGHT BEFORE BED, needless to say, a bit of a sugar high for the chiclets!